Big success
isn’t just for
big businesses.

Nova gives all businesses and professionals access to the same tools as their biggest competitors, helping them streamline and automate work and improve vital relationships.

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Professional email, elevated.

All businesses and professionals face big challenges, and email shouldn’t be one of them. 





Titan is the first professional email suite built to help businesses and professionals create richer, more valuable connections with their customers. 

Available through leading web hosts, site builders, and domain registrars, Titan provides dynamic tools needed to effectively build customer relationships over email.

Your virtual home for collaboration.

Flock is stacked with everything organizations need for seamless communication and collaboration.

secure communication

Integrated audio &
video conferencing

Built-in productivity tools


Flock arms organizations with everything they need to drive seamless team communication and collaboration. For organizations with teams distributed across projects, locations, and time zones, Flock can make sure that teammates stay in-sync while they work async.

About The Founder


Bhavin Turakhia

CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur and billionaire, Bhavin is driven by a passion for problem-solving through technology-led innovations. In the last 22 years, he has built 5 successful businesses, all driven by his belief that “It is our moral obligation to make an impact that is proportionate to our potential.” At 17, he co-founded Resellerclub, Logicboxes and BigRock, which he exited in a $160mn transaction in 2014. Today, along with Nova, he is also heading Radix — a leading registry for top-level extensions, and Zeta — a nextgen platform for banks, fintechs and distributors.